Lionfish - New Pirates of the Caribbean

52' / HD

The documentary follows the life and fate of the Pacific lionfish.

Native in the magnificent coral gardens of the tropical Pacific, unfortunate accidents have led to their introduction into the Atlantic Ocean in the early 1990s, where they quickly adapted and rapidly spread on the East Coast of the United States, throughout the Caribbean and all the way to Venezuela.

Its 18 venomous spines make it extremely successful and where the sea is not weakened by overfishing, the lionfish can pose a serious danger to the native species. With its constant hunger, it can devour entire reefs. With the absence of natural enemies, scientists in the Bahamas now try to train sharks to extend their menu with this suitable prey. Their hope: If the sharks learn to eat lionfish this knowledge could be spread among the sharks. 


Producer: Marquardt Medienproduktion
Production years: 2015-2017
Broadcaster: WDR
Languages: English, German