The European Union - Anatomy of a Disaster

90' / HD

Some consider Brexit a casualty. To others, it is the greatest possible catastrophe. For now, the actual parameters and long-term consequences remain undetermined. Does Brexit mean the end of the EU? Or will it – in the context of renewed Cold War activity in the Ukraine – alter the geopolitics of transatlantic relations? Which states will profit from Brexit and which ones will lose?

The film follows the actual Brexit negotiations and emplots milestones of the history of the EU. It examines the chain of fatal decisions and misunderstandings, from its founding until today. It all started when the EU was created. It was much less a project of European peacemakers after the war. It rather started as a geopolitical instrument of the USA that fostered an anti-communist Western Europe...


Producer: Taglicht Media
Production years: 2015-2016
Broadcasters: ZDF, arte
Languages: English, German

Screener currently in production.