Israel - Land of Contrasts

2 x 52' / HD + 4K

Israel – a land of ancient history, where ever increasing numbers of young out-of-the-box entrepreneurs are taking their chance to start up the future. Where in the hustling and bustling cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem jackals and hyenas have become unconventional fellow citizens. And where in the vast desert lands one can find flourishing high-tech plants using renewable energy to create a thriving animal and plant life. This two-part documentary takes us on a journey to a country full of contrasts and contradictions, challenging its inhabitants to take unusual paths to embrace the future, while at the same time trying to preserve its historical heritage, its natural treasures and unique biodiversity.


  • The South: Salt of the Earth 
  • The North: Sea and Stone


Producer: k22 Film 
Production year: 2018-2019
Broadcasters: ZDF, arte
Languages: English, German, French