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5 x 26' & 2x45' / HD

Each episode of this travel & lifestyle series focuses on one region, one house and its owners. Whether it’s a restored farmhouse in the countryside, a rustic chalet in the mountains, a fairytale-like castle or a gorgeous urban villa – it’s always a dream house and it always belongs to people who decided to welcome guests in their home by offering a couple of their rooms for rent. Such private guests houses are usually called ‘bed & breakfast’, or ‘maisons d’hôtes’ in French. Their owners are often individuals of many talents. What they all have in common is their attachment to their city or region, appreciation of fine things – be it crafts, traditions or cuisine – as well as taking pleasure in meeting other people. The viewers get to experience the typical lifestyle of the place and receive valuable tips for making a trip there a wonderful adventure. 

The series focuses on vibrant destinations with lovely landscapes and charming culture: Barcelona (Spain), Cornwall (England), Liguria (Italy), Bordeaux (France), Alto Adige (South Tyrol, Italy).


Producer: Sehmannsklub Filmproduktion
Production years: 2013-2016
Broadcasters: arte, SWR
Languages: English, German