Worldwide … Berlin / Paris / Madrid / Amsterdam / London

5 x 52' / HD

There are over 100 cities, towns and villages that carry the name Berlin, scattered across the four corners of the Globe – and the same goes for Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam and London! From snowy border patrol offices in Russia, to banana plantations in Africa, to surfing beaches in Brazil – in various corners you can find places with the European capitals’ names. Whether the name was recycled by early settlers or just sheer coincidence, we will seek out the most interesting ‘Berlins’, ‘Madrids’ and ‘Londons’ (and more) and tell their story.

We journey from continent to continent, confronted with places that embody the diversity and beauty the world has to offer. In each episode, we will experience a day in the life of a different Parisian, Londoner or Berliner, and gain insight into a new culture and way of living. This series will not only serve as a colorful travel and culture show, but a demonstration of how history and ancestry weaves us all together, making the world a little smaller than we thought it was.


Producer: berlin producers
Production years: 2015-2016
Broadcasters: RBB
Languages: English, German

Screener currently in development.