America's West Coast

5 x 45' / HD

For centuries travelers and immigrants alike have been longing for the American West Coast. A destination synonymous with breathtaking nature, human creativity, technological innovation and free thinking. We search for clues of the success and the fascination of the American West Coast. Why is there such a density of human creativity, free thinking  and technological progress? Is the beauty of the magnificent nature an essential component of the inspiration and the optimism of the people who live and work here?

The five-part series offers the viewer an insight view of a legendary place he either has been to already or he always wanted to go. The concept of the series builds on this popular myth of the West Coast and its well-known landmarks only to tell unknown stories about fascinating people and overwhelming nature.



1. Washington State - Whales, Coffee and Volcanoes 

2. Oregon State – Sand Boarding, Sportswear and Mushroom Hunters

3. Northern California - Redwoods, Immigrants and Airships

4. Central California - Condors, Silicon Valley, Big Sur and Helicopter Pilots

5. Southern California - Deserts, Airplane Graveyards, Wild Buffaloes and Skysurfing


Producer: Riverside Film
Production years: 2011-2014
Broadcasters: ZDF, arte
Languages: German, English, French