Globalicious! The Story of the World's Favourite Dishes

4 x 43' 

"Globalicious!" is a television format that combines elements from informative broadcasts, travelogues and cooking shows in an entertaining way. Each episode focuses on the typical national dish of a particular continent or culture: American hamburgers, Italian pizza, Japanese sushi, or the falafel of Israel and the Arab countries - these dishes shed light on the kitchens and pantries of the globalized world.

Using the ingredients and preparation methods of a given dish as a starting point, we set out to discover the preferences and origins of the cuisine of the respective continent, in pursuit of the answer to the question: 

How healthy is the nation's favorite dish? And why is it so popular there, and not elsewhere?


  1. Pizza: What makes pizza the world’s favorite dish?
  2. Falafel: Who does falafel really belong to - Arabs or Israelis?
  3. Sushi: Raw like Sushi - back to the Stone Age?
  4. Hamburger: Are hamburgers unhealthy? Do they make people fat?


Producer: Taglicht Media
Production year: 2009
Broadcasters: ZDF, arte
Languages: German