The Green Obsession - The Hunt for the Perfect Lawn

52' / HD

Grass, lawns, yards and turfgrass: everyone has a name for that green space, but what it really is, is your own little piece of the earth. Consisting exclusively of grasses, lawns represent a horticultural ideal, that has nothing in common with a meadow; no herbs, shrubs or flowers must be found here.

It was the British who transformed the lawn into a cult and a concept of lifestyle, but it was in the New World, where it was reinterpreted and pushed far beyond. Today, a huge industry takes care of this symbol of domestic tranquility and social succes. Four billion Euros are spent on lawncare in Germany annually while in the USA golf courses, parks and private lawns require more land ressources than any other single cultivated crop - including wheat, corn and tobacco!

Lawns are a fascinating mirror of human behaviour that can be found even in the dryest parts of the world. A global fetish of wealth kept alive only by an exorbitant amount of fertilizers, water, gasoline and time. Without human labor, it was to become as extinct as the dinosaurs. A bizarre cult around the green carpet has emerged and fired man's imagination. From highly specialized sodfarmers to geneticists devoted to the perfect seed mixture, golf course managers, lawn mower collectors, producers of artificial grass and even people who risk jail for not mowing their frontlawn - protagonists from all over Europe and the US share their experience.

Narrated in a fresh way and enrichened by entertainig animations, "The Green Obsession" reveals the true nature of lawns.


Producer: Werwiewas Medienproduktion
Production year: 2011
Broadcasters: arte, ZDF
Languages: English, German, French