Wadan's World - About the Dignity of Work

52' or 90' / HD

Wismar, 120km east of Hamburg, 45.000 citizens. the income of every third family depends on Wadan Yards, the only large company in the region. In August 2008 a Russian investor takes over the old German company, the future seems save. Shortly afterwards the world financial and economical crisis starts somewhere in the US and hits the old Hanseatic city hard, 5.000 jobs are endangered. A race against time starts. We accompany a group of welders throughout the turbulent month and learn that the loss of work means a lot more then just the loss of income. The film captures, what the crisis leaves behind. People are divided in winners and losers, people with work and without work.


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Producer: Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion
Production year: 2010 / 2012
Broadcaster: arte, ZDF
Languages: English,