Wineman - The Gálvez Guide to Intelligent Wines

20 x 45' + 6 x 30' / HD

He is on a mission to save the wine scene from vanity — Wineman!

With an impressive knowledge of wine, Joaquín Gálvez has a (super)natural ability for communicating and captivating his audience with his innovative, charming and often down-to-earth (pun intended!) approach to wine. Each chapter of the series takes the audience on a journey to the world's most famous wine regions. The ever-curious Wineman invites us to visit the wineries and vineyards, taking the viewers to wine tastings and giving them the opportunity to learn about all the secrets of the region, its people and winemaking methods. They will also learn, from the vineyard to the glass, that the reasons for success in one region may be the reasons for failure in another. 

Producer: Joaquín Gálvez Bauzá
Production years: 2015-2018
Broadcaster: Viajar
Languages: English, Spanish