1937 - The Last Year of Innocence

1 x 90' or 2 x 52' / HD

1937, the world stood at the edge of an abyss. The German involvement in the Spanish Civil War turned it into a 'dress-rehearsal' for the Second World War. A young Harvard student got prepared for a trip to Europe in his convertible car: John F. Kennedy, not knowing that this journey was going to bring about essential changes in his life. Whereas, another US citizen was already active in Spain: Ernest Hemingway was seeking out opportunities for adventure as a war correspondent. The preparations for the World Exhibition in Paris were reaching the final phase,  as Russia and Germany justle for the largest pavilion. The Spaniard Pablo Picasso, later to become one of the greatest artists of the 20th century had agreed to paint the centerpiece for the Spanish Pavilion at the World Fair. He decided to paint his first political work: Guernica.

The film takes us on an entertaining journey through 1937 and focuses on young JFK’s journey around Europe, and on Hemingway and Picasso. Three people whose lives were about to change dramatically in the year 1937...


Producer: Taglicht Media
Production years: 2016-2017
Broadcasters: ZDF, arte
Languages: English, German, French

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Screener currently in production.