Garibaldi - Freedom Fighter and Womanizer

52’ / HD 

He was one of the 19th century's most important revolutionaries, an architect of Italian unity – and a popular ladies' man: Giuseppe Garibaldi. In 1877, a young female journalist seeks out the Italian national hero on Caprera, the island he has withdrawn to, to discover the man behind the public persona. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey through the life and loves of one of the most celebrated protagonists of Italy's Risorgimento. 

He was a democrat who lived in a Marxist utopia but served the Italian king. Throughout his life, he proclaimed his great love for his first wife, yet remained a serial womaniser. Despite the many contradictions, Garibaldi enjoyed adoration and respect. The film investigates the man who went from guerrilla fighter to national hero with the help of his descendants, collectors and historiansand visits the most significant sites of his revolutionary activities.

Producers: Berlin Producers, preTV
Production years: 2017-2018
Broadcasters: ZDF, arte, ORF
Languages: English, German, French