Göring's Secret - The Story of Hitler's Marshall


These reels of film were missing for decades. Nobody knew that Hitler’s second-in-command had such a secret passion for film. Films from his private collection show Göring in his favourite role at the height of his power surrounded by cheering masses when Austria was annexed in 1938, in his role as commander-in-chief of the air force, and as Hitler’s most important henchman. These private films reveal things about the interior life of one of the most powerful National Socialists. Göring didn’t leave behind a diary or any personal notes, and was involved in almost all of the crimes of the regime. These films, mainly made in colour, throw light on a man who was known as the “Nazi Number One” and was finally indicted at the Nuremberg Trials and sentenced to death, but took his own life with a capsule of poison before the sentence was carried out. 

“Göring`s Secret” shows the most important man after Hitler from a completely new perspective, not in official newsreels but almost entirely in private film footage. This allows an uncensored and direct look at Hermann Göring and his deeds. This valuable colour footage is being shown for the first time, thus a very immediate and new image emerges of the most flamboyant character in National Socialism. 

How could the highly decorated First World War pilot become such a ruthless and corrupt stooge of Hitler’s? What role did he play in the rise of the dictator? Why was Göring addicted to drugs? What drove him besides power and money? Why did he hesitate to follow Hitler into war and why did he lose influence so swiftly? Who was he really? - this baroque man who so loved splendour and luxury?

“Görings Secret“ answers these last remaining questions.


Producer: History Media
Production year: 2011
Languages: English, German