Blue Whisper

52' / 3D & HD

"Blue Whisper" immerges into the ocean's fascinating underwater world and gets to the bottom of a widely unexplored field of underwater science: The communication amongst fish.

The 3D-Documentary accompanies a team of specialists to overwhelmingly beautiful coral reefs, ancient shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea and sunken submarines that are clouded in secrecy, to explore the versatile forms of underwater communication.

What language do fish use? Do they make sounds? Do they have a body language? And what role do colors play? With the aid of complex underwater video- and audio- equipment those and further questions are answered during a suspenseful journey around the world.


Producer: Tesche Dokumentarfilmproduktion
Production years: 2011-2013
Broadcasters: WDR, arte 
Languages: German, English, French