Chilies to the Rescue - Easing the Human-Elephant Conflict

52' / HD 

Protection measures and 20 years of prohibition of the ivory trade are making an impact: Almost all countries in Africa are reporting a rise in elephant numbers. In the past two decades, the population of these grey giants doubled to over 30.000, alone in the Safari-Paradise of Kenya. At the same time the population of humans is growing. Both require space. Conflicts between both are unavoidable and the survival of the biggest land mammal is again endangered. Some countries react with culling, a worldwide controversial method. The goal of most countries is not to kill but to discourage the elephants from raiding the fields. Conservationists and gamekeepers of Africa are researching new methods to manage the jumbos: especially chili peppers seem very promising as the elephants' long trunks are very sensitive to the hot spice. But the question remains: Is there any chance for a permanent and peaceful coexistence of humans and elephants?


Producer: Marco Polo Film AG
Production year: 2010
Broadcasters: arte, ZDF
Languages: English, German, French