Hoanib - The Secrets of the Desert Elephants

52' / HD

Hot sand wherever you turn your eyes to – the Namib is the oldest desert of the world, and one of the most hostile ones. But even here, in a valley named Hoanib, there is life! Some animals have developed unique ways to adapt to the harsh life in such a dry area. The biggest of them are desert elephants! To survive in Namibia´s desert they have to travel long distances, full of privations. Only alpha cow Clarissa knows where to find the rare water sources. Food is scarce and the heat unbearable, for young Maya the next water source could already come too late. Old bull One Tusk even awaits a harder fate: he is too old and weak to join his family´s migration. While even the tough jackals leave the Hoanib valley during the dry season to find food along the coast, One Tusk remains alone, hoping that soon rain will bring salvation.


Producer: Blue Planet Film
Production year: 2013
Broadcasters: WDR, arte
Languages: English, German, French