Magical Iceland

52' or 30' Ambiance Mix / HD + 4K

'Magical Iceland' explores the challenges and extraordinary strategies of some of Iceland’s most remarkable creatures. The film will reveal their lives on an island of extremes from a new, more intimate perspective and follow their struggles through the year. And we will gain a unique insight into the many faces of the island’s bizarre landscapes as they change colour through the seasons. How do animals survive in this harsh terrain? What does it take to live among glaciers, deserts and volcanoes? And how do you cope with waters near boiling and close to freezing at the same time?

This is Iceland as you have never seen it before.

Magical Iceland_Grenoble

Magical Iceland_NY Awards_02

Magical Iceland_NY Awards_01

Magical Iceland_Graz

 Magical Iceland_DARSS

Producer: nautilusfilm GmbH – Natural History Germany
Production year: 2018-2019
Broadcasters: WDR, arte, BR
Languages: English, German, French

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