Magpies - More than Black and White

43' / HD + 4K

Magpies live in many places around the globe. We all have seen the black and white birds with the long tail feathers and the nagging call in our neighbourhoods. The reputation of Eurasian magpies is often bad. Having been the antagonist in many folk tales, they are considered to be thievish and deceitful. Their lesser-known relatives, the blue magpies, on the other hand are known to be very social. They support each other in raising their young or even help non-relatives when danger threatens. And then there are magpies that are called magpies but aren’t really magpies at all. The Australian “magpies” are actually flute-crowned starlings. Magpies are notorious in Australia – on the one hand for their incredible flute song, on the other hand because of their sometimes tense relationship with humans. This documentary will give a fascinating insight into the lives of these remarkable and intelligent birds and will show that, with most things in nature, nothing is ever just black and white. 


Producer: Text + Bild Medienproduktion
Production year: 2021
Broadcasters: WDR, arte
Languages: English, German, French