Pioneers of the Green Gold in the Andes

52' / HD 

This documentary tells the history of a fabulous forest creation in the Peruvian Andes. This forest now covers now 40.000 ha and has strongly improved the communities' life conditions and shows the succesful collaboration between Peruvian visionaries and the Belgian development cooperation since 30 years.

We see the different activities through the people, like Charles, born in the Ardennes with a forestry tradition. He took part in this Peruvian program since the beginning and re-discovers the forests he helped to create in the Andes.

But we understand this new forest better through the Peruvian people, living from it now. There is the community leader Don Alejandro for instance. He had to convince the community to plant trees. He did it with a modern management spirit. There is also Alberto, who has climbed from a forest worker job to a highly appreciated environmental technician in a big gold mine. And there is his daughter Marleny who was born in the community forest. She studied Forest and Environmental engineering.

The documentary gives hope showing events from the nursery worker through the tree cutter going to the private investor, from the mother at home through the industry boss to the environmental minister.

There are great possibilities to realize such kind of reforestation everywhere in the world.


Producer: Spalywood
Production years: 2010-2011
Broadcaster: Servus TV
Languages: English, German, French