Springtime Stories

52' / HD

Spring is a time of new beginnings and new life. The world is bursting with joie de vivre, and the sheer force of nature is never more tangible than during this season. Birds chirp at the top of their lungs, insects buzz through the air and blossoms magically touch the landscape with colour. Creatures of all kinds – starlings, squirrels and frogs – begin to have their young.

In forests, fields, meadows and gardens, nature awakens from her winter sleep: buds swell, fresh green leaves begin to sprout, tender plants spring up out of the ground. The world takes on colour again. The still, barren wintertime is past, and spring is a gaily-hued fanfare – high-spirited and full of zest.

The magic of spring in all its glory is the focus of this film. Unusual animal stories – some humorous, some dramatic – create a very special springtime feel. Upbeat, amusing and exciting, the film illustrates vividly that spring is the loveliest season of all.

 Also available: A 90-minute feature with the best moments from 'Springtime Stories', Days of Summer, Autumn - World of Colours and Christmas Winter Wonderland, called The Seasons.

Producer: Marco Polo Film
Production years: 2015-2016
Broadcaster: WDR
Languages: English, German