The Black Forest and the Vosges

2 x 43' / HD

The Black Forest and the Vosges used to be united, until millions of years ago elemental forces parted them. The massif was torn apart and a deep gorge formed between them. Two different habitats thus developed: bright deciduous woodlands in the Vosges versus the darkness of the black forest. We portray not only landscape and animal life, but also old customs and traditions that go along with the respective natural surroundings. Myth and legend also play their part - such as the connection between the Vosges' highest peak and the "Belchen" in the black forest. The Celts named these mountains after the sun god Belenus, as they allowed them to establish the winter and summer solstice.


Producer: Marco Polo Film AG
Production year: 2010
Broadcasters: arte, ZDF
Languages: German, French

Screener currently not available.