The Meadow - Paradise Lost?

44' or 90' / HD + 4K

Follow us on an adventurous journey that leads you… just around the corner! What at first glance seems like an untended pasture covered with weeds is revealed through the lens of a camera as a vibrant and colourful universe: the meadow. Home to some of the most beautiful and bizarre creatures, the meadow provides the setting for their fascinating mating rituals, mysterious social interactions and the eternal circle of life and decay. We are led through the seasons by young deer as we watch them grow up and explore their wildlife habitat. And the camera takes us at eye level with crickets, birds and bees and captures the hidden beauty of an abundant floral life - a life that is increasingly at risk, as so many meadows fall victim to the spread and intensification of agriculture. “The Meadow“ answers the question why this natural paradise next door is worth protecting and why we should pay more attention to the grass beneath our feet.

The Meadow_Sondrio

The Meadow_Innsbruck 2020

The Meadow_Matsalu I

The Meadow_Matsalu II

Producer: nautilusfilm GmbH – Natural History Germany
Production year: 2018-2020
Broadcasters: arte, BR
Languages: English, German, French