Tracing the Gobi Bear

52’ / HD

For a long time it had been believed to be a mythical creature, a kind of desert yeti. For decades hardly anyone had ever met a Gobi bear face to face. The extremely shy desert bears are among the world‘s rarest animals. Not more than about 30 specimen supposedly have survived in the secluded area of the Gobi desert. Mongolian scientists have now for the first time succeeded in verifying the existence of the legendary small brown bear: at a watering place near the Chinese border the bear walked into the researchers‘ camera trap. At this moment a comprehensive research and preservation programme is getting started, which we will exclusively accompany with our camera. A thrilling desert expedition in a breathtaking landscape – tracing one of the most fascinating animals of the earth.

Producer: Luckfilm
Production years: 2016-2017
Broadcasters: SWR, arte
Languages: English, French, German